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Pakistan-China Friendship Tunnels

Karakorum Highway Realignment (China-Pakistan Friendship Tunnels)

Pak-China Tunnels at Attabad Lake Hunza on KKH

Pak-China Tunnels
Part of Karakorum Highway was submerged due to a landslide. On September 14, 2015, the Prime Minister of Pakistan performed inauguration of realigned 24 km patch of KKH containing five tunnels at Attabad Barrier Lake. The five, 7 km long tunnels are part of the 24 km long portion of the Karakorum Highway (KKH) which was damaged in 2010. The realignment project is a construction masterpiece completed at the cost of $275 million.

Pak-China Tunnels at Attabad LakeThe road link between Pakistan and China has been restored due to this project. Now economic partners will begin upgrades on last section of KKH between Raikot Bridge and Manshera. This will reduce the drive from Rawalpindi, Islamabad to Gilgit to 5–6 hours. KKH ends near Rawalpindi, Islamabad and connects to 6 lane high speed, access controlled M-1 & M-2 motorway. Pakistan’s motorway network is partially operational and by the end of 2017, there will be a network of 6 lane high speed access controlled highways connecting KKH with Karachi and Gawadar port via motorways through various corridors. These tunnels are a part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Pak-China Tunnels at Attabad Lake Hunza Valley